What is Walem’s Academy?

The “Walem’s Academy” is a coaching project in the football world.
This coaching can be individualized or grouped (4 to 6 players maximum).

Why did I decide to get into individual coaching?

The idea and the desire to develop this concept comes logically following my life course as a person who has been able to make his passion his profession.
Clubs and/or team coaches do not have the time to work individually in a targeted manner.
Group management is different and less specific than individual development.
Each player has his own needs which are not necessarily those of his colleagues.
During my career in youth football, I followed individual sessions.

These allowed me to improve, to finally become a professional player and achieve my career as a player and coach.
Now I would like to pass on my experience to future footballers.
The individual or collective session (4-6 people) allows to increase the level of the player technically and mentally.
– It is a more precise and complete development and improvement of all the technical aspects of this sport, without forgetting the fundamentals.

Passing by :
• the basic technique.
•the coordination.
• passing: short, medium, long.
• Set pieces: free kick, corner, etc.
• the use of both feet.
• The aerial game.
• timing.
• Specific requests
• …

Without forgetting the human aspect, the relationship, self-esteem, self-confidence…

Duration of the session: one hour

  • introductory session 5min

  • 10 min warm-up

  • specific work 40 min

  • cooling down 5 min

Why Braine-Le-Château?

The quality of the infrastructure is excellent, the geographical location is perfect.

At the service of the clubs too!!!

Individual development of talents identified by the club and its managers:

-Technical directors


– Scouting

Youth categories…to professionals

Women’s and men’s football

Time table to be determined with the clubs.

My wish:

I now want to transmit a MAXIMUM of what I have learned such as:

  • Player
  • Coach
  • Consultant

And this in an individualized way or in small groups to gain in Efficiency and Pleasure!

In Anderlecht, I learned…

In Italy, I learned…

At the Devils, I learned…

As a coach, I learned…

This is all that I want to pass on to all those who want to progress while having fun!